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Judah: hot, great guy, perfect guy, sweet, girls love, and they all want one; its like he came straight from the bible, down to earth, so if you meet a "Judah" keep the "Judah" there aint nothin like havin yourself a "Judah" ..no boy can compare!
Girl one: look at her, man she's so lucky!
Girl Two and Three: Why?..
Girl one: thats Judah, and that girl has him.
Girl Three: What?
Girl Two: ..lol really.
Girl one: He's better then any other guy, hes like Jesus but in human form!
Girl Three: well he is pretty hot!
Girl Two: Yeah! look at his lips, and face, and just everything.

Girl two and three: *simultaneously* i want one!!
by Krakbabyy June 25, 2009

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