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Being a Stud Muffin or really hot (sexy)
Kraig Tatman at Nature Coast Technical High School
by Kraig April 11, 2005
The semi-solid matter that forms around the lid of a screw top ketchup bottle. Cannot be used to define any other dried condiment, only ketchup (aka catsup).
As I unscrewed the ketchup bottle, the flebeegia fell into the spaghetti sauce.
by kraig March 22, 2005
a woman who is intune with her body mind spirit and voice, needs a sence of daring style but also has her head on her shoulders, perfection basically.
sing 'fighter' while dancing dirrty in your underwear and cleaning the house of all its filthyness
by kraig December 12, 2003
You stick it in her butt then her cuch then she sucks off all the juice off your nob.
I just double diped her.
by Kraig January 13, 2005
a ugly ass girl who looks like a guy or any one who is female in the Walsh family
DAMN!!! the Walsh women are shim/s
by Kraig September 21, 2004

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