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It origins from lol. People say lololololol (as lol many times) and sometimes they start with o, "ololololol"
The ol has been called ohl cause of the way it is pronounced.

It is also being used as nothing.

omg he's a noob, ohl.

noob1: How much have you made in your assignment
noob2: ohl
by Kragx May 17, 2006
Short og "Wrong Person", if you pm some1 you shouldn't have pmed.
To xxkoolguy: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To xxkoolguy: wp :$
To cantas: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To cantas: and oh, btw, very embarrasing, i wrote this to another :$
by Kragx May 18, 2006
Pile jump.

Can be used as Pile jumping when wrote pj'ing or pile jumped when pj'ed.
Omg, this noobs friends pj'ed me while i was dm'ing him
by Kragx May 18, 2006
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