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1. "Men" in their 20's or 30's who aspire to look like late 70's porn stars with enough hair to be confused for half-yeti/half-serial rapist.

2. Effeminate man with emaciated structure and no body hair. May be seen wearing track shorts, short enough as to show off their testicles, to prove that they are actually male.
Hipster Male

Dude, I just saw Ron Jeremy in a speedo and a unicorn sweatshirt. He was drinking shitty beer and giving away candy to children.

Dude, is that a chick? I can't tell, I'm blinded by all the body glitter and I think I see a tube top.

Nah, that's a dude, and apparently he likes to vagazzle his balls.
by Kozyavin April 22, 2010
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