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The separation of impersonal and significant relationships. In order to engage in Social Intercourse, one must consider the other individual to be significant. This situation can be expressed through shared music, laughter, or deep and meaningful conversation.
If you have ever had a close friend or lover that can make you laugh with a single glance or that can finish your sentences for you, this is Social Intercourse in action.
by Kozworth April 14, 2008
Owner or Master of all Unicorns. If this status is achieved, servants will bring bread and other nourishment for the Master to give to his unicorns.
Said the Unicorn Master, "I require bread for my friends."
by Kozworth April 14, 2008
To make a fool of one's self in the presence of others. Most individuals that boof frequently should be called out by their true friends. Excessive boofing means you are probably a sucker.
"Dude, you definitely boofed all over the floor when you tripped over your own damn feet...what a sucker"
by kozworth April 15, 2008
A nickname, not a Christian name, that is given to dweebs, low lifes, losers, and suckers. Melvins can often be identified by being rather unfortunate looking, dressing offensively, or just acting socially awkward. Melvin's are generally uncool.
"This fellow has a pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses, he must be some kind of Melvin"
by kozworth April 15, 2008

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