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This word has many meanings. Can be used as a greeting, to show anger or whatever you want it to mean.
What's up nehh?
I am so mad...NEHH!!!
When you're happy:nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
When you're drunk: durr... neeehh neeehh.
To pick up a girl: How you doin' neehh?
when you're lost (like scott):nehh? nehh? nehh???????
by Koz April 18, 2005
A full length film featuring Paul Kramer and his outrageous krmr antics, and silly lumberjack face, without the luxury of eyebrows. Its allstar cast also features Zack Fenno and Jared Lai, and it premiers on Polivision in the summer of 2004.
by KOZ January 22, 2003
Incompatant Cum Guzzler!
Don't be a Darki you faggot fuck!
by Koz September 16, 2003
Self explanatory, a swift attack to the SACK.
Perry perform a brutal Sack Attack on Sheldon.
by KOZ January 23, 2003
Some l337 homosexual tittie licker. This guy will fk just about anyone that walks his way (up) he's so l337. Don't mess w/ one of these bad dudes, unless you're the l337er-than-Prez, Koz. Oh yeah, someone who loves Faygo and junk food, along with SC.
'What up, Prez?' 'y0, bitch. B-)'

'Sup, Prez?' 'wut^, Koz teh l337?'
by Koz March 22, 2004
fuck nut ball
by KOZ January 28, 2003
Also known as the Qu'ran, it is the Muslim holy book.
before i go to the mosque, i make sure to read at leat a chapter of the Koran
by Koz March 03, 2005

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