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A word that a lot of douchey minors use because they think they're hot shit. It means "for real" or "Straight up". It is a very annoying word, especially when used by a white person.
Jane: "Dude, that party last night was legit."
Becky: *smack SMACK!*
Jane: "What the hell?!"
Becky: "Stop acting like you're black, bitch."
by Kowabungja October 24, 2010
A girl that is loose, bitchy, a broad, and easy - usually the school slut with blond hair, blue eyes, and a rat face. She has to move away because all the guys think she's a whore and she gets made fun of, and she's a dumbass and can't pass a class to save her life. She is the ultimate contridiction because she's such an atheist but attends a Catholic school. She's sooooooooooo ugly and none of the guys she dates like her, they just want to get some. Aka maddie murphy.
Guy one: did you seriously hook up with a lobreezy?

Guy 2: yeah man, i was having a bad night and had to resort to Maddie.
by Kowabungja October 20, 2010
A hand gesture made by pointing the index & pinkie fingers straight up while bending your middle & ring fingers into a horizontal position atop the thumb. You do this when something really fucking cool happens, or when something extremely hilarious has just occured. Only used by the coolest of the cool.
Maddie: Duuuuuuuuude, Shelby just fell down a flight of stairs!
Meghan: Oh my gosh!
Meghan & Maddie together: GIRAFFE!!!
by kowabungja June 11, 2011

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