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A fan or follower of Josh Groban, new superstar in the "popera" genre.
What a Grobanite! I'll bet they've even got a Josh stand-up in their living room.
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
The place where Grobanites come from, or where they hang out. See Grobanite.
C'mon, all you Grobanites, let's go to the M & G and hang out in Grobania.
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
The noise a llama makes; used almost exclusively by Grobanites as a good thing.
I've been mroofed by my friend! It's an OMJ day!
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
A merging of the musical terms and styles of "pop", or popular music, and opera. A genre that has been created for Josh Groban; A classical-crossover sound.
The popera star came in to rabid screams from Pavarotti fans.
by Kourtnee March 13, 2004
Meet and Greet; a get-together before or after a concert with either the artist, or with other fans or friends.
The M & G before the concert was great; Josh dropped by!
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
Abbreviation for Oh My Josh! Used by Grobanites throughout the world.
OMJ!!! That concert was uber.
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
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