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A statement that shows the writer's approval of an aforementioned idea, phrase or concept.

Similar to 'like'-ing on facebook.
John - "Wow, that was the most amazing movie ever!"
Adam - "+1 to that, man"
by Korsyn01 March 21, 2011
1.When an unorthodox solution is needed to fix a problem. Comes from amazing lateral thinking by an Australian Country doctor who relieved pressure on a boys brain through the use of a power drill.

2. An odd demand that results in miraculous outcomes. Mcgyver-esque.
1.James- "Crap, theres no tissues left. Quick! Get the Black and Decker!""

2. Alice needed to change a tyre with only an empty tin of beans and a stocking. She definately got the Black and Decker
by Korsyn01 May 19, 2009
adj. A portmanteau of the phrase 'Below Average'. Not quite as good as expected and just generally disappointing.
After all the hype over it's release, the video game 'Haze' was really blaverage


Customer - "Man, this burger is seriously blaverage"
by Korsyn01 May 28, 2010

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