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1) noun. Means Korean-Nigger. Korean who acts black, listens to rap/hiphop and etc. Dresses accordingly to the hiphop black culture.

2) Korean Gangstah.
"Bettah not fuk wit us kiggas"
by Korstah October 23, 2003
Means Organized Criminals. AKA. Mafia in Korean. Not just an ordinary gang but those who commit crime within a gang of extreme coordination and organization.
"Jopoks runs the town"
by Korstah October 23, 2003
Means #1 in Korean. Zzang can also mean the leader of a crew, or a good fighter with skillz.
Shit. did you see how he kicked the shit out of all 5 white boys? He's ZZANG."
by Korstah October 23, 2003
Means a gangster in Korean. Same as Jopok, but less formal.
Better not fuk wit him. He's a gundal.
by Korstah October 23, 2003
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