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A noun used to represent the definition Salty. To add on the definition, salty is when someone is upset or stressed over the outcome of an event, which is usually used as a personal statement rather than a general one. Used commonly in the fighting game culture.

Used mainly in conjunction with its mascot (a girl holding a yellow umbrella) and the slogan "When it rain, it pours". Signaling that once the tears and grief falls, they aren't going to stop.

To taunt people in a tournament, the opponents usually have a can of salt ready for the loser.
by KoriNem October 18, 2009
To Kanye a person is to take away a possession from its owner and then mistreat it only to be returned later in a condition that is much less desired anymore.

The present term for this could be considered Kanye'd.

Named after the infamous incident that taken place in 2009's MTV Video Music Awards where rapper Kanye West snatched the mic away from country singer Taylor Swift when giving an acceptance speech for winning Best Female Video. Kanye then proclaimed that Taylor didn't deserve it, leaving the award she won, much less of an accomplishment and more of a curse.

Note that the end of a Kanye, be prepared for the victim to deliver a beatdown to whoever Kanye'd him.
Guy 1: *steals basketball away from a player and proceeds to embarrass him by passing it off of his head* YOU JUST GOT KANYE'D!

Guy 2: *returns the favor with a fist to Guy 1's face* You got owned, bitch.
by KoriNem September 14, 2009

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