5 definitions by Kori

Dismayed or displeased; aggravated.
A: I don't want to tonight.

B: T_T
by Kori August 25, 2003
The original way of spelling Vampire.
Man, that vampyr in that movie was so fake.
by Kori July 15, 2004
Adorable exclaimation of joy and excitement, usually used by females.
He bought me a new car. w00ties!
by Kori August 25, 2003
Amazing band.
Do NOT NOT NOT NOT suck live.
in fact, are fucking amazing live. (seen them twice!)
i touched their bassist's (matt!) ankle and shoe, in chicago, while he was playing. highlight of my fucking LIFE.
"i want to marry adam of taking back sunday"
by Kori October 06, 2004
A group or team made on an online computer game. Consists of geeks or nerds.
Our guilds gunna r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz!
by Kori July 15, 2004

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