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2 definitions by Korewa?

A Japanese genre to televison shows. It literally translates to "Live Action". Odd thing is, Godzilla, known as Gojira in Japan, is NOT part of this genre, for it falls under the genre of "Kaiju", which translates to "Monster". Under Tokusatsu genre are the Kamen Rider series, the Super Sentai series, and the Metal Hero series. Some shows have been in a series of their own, like Choseishin Grandseizar, but are still apart of Tokusatsu.
Tokusatsu means "live action" in Japanese, did ya know that?
by Korewa? April 25, 2004
1. A socially accepted teenager in his or her schooling enviroment

2. A male who controls what he calls prositutes; he collects money from the prositutes selling their bodies for money

3. A male who is surrounded by the opposite gender
1. He was so cool, he was a pimp.

2. A pimp passed him on the way home.

3. Jimmy is a pimp; look at all the girls around him!
by Korewa? November 29, 2003