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3 definitions by Kordos

Extremely confidential.

Often used with 'super-' prefix, i.e. 'super-sekrit' or 'superSEKRIT'.
omg i just found this superSEKRIT spot that pwns for ganking noobs
by Kordos February 21, 2003
1: the leet class
2: persons interested in being leet

derived from 'literati'
We need joke that the leeterati would get.
by kordos February 19, 2003
1524| Hottub: and btw, way not to realize I'm at lunch jerkoff.
1524| Hottub: err, that's "lunch, jerkoff"
1524| Kordos - Work: heheheh
1524| Kordos - Work: cellphoned.
by Kordos March 06, 2003