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A woman's breasts. You know, your girlfriends Gozongas. Your mom's Meat Rack. Your daughters Tetangas. Get the idea?

The word comes from the noise that a bicycle horn makes when you squeeze it.

See Peh Peh Milk
Frank - "WHOA! Check out those Peh Peh's!"

Mitch - "Wow, those are quite the pair" *Goes up to women, squeezes her breasts while making "Peh Peh" horn sound*

Frank - "Nice man!"

*Slaps Five*
by Koolguy_gt500 June 21, 2010
When a male has to urinate. Usually said in a casual manner. Same as saying "Excuse me folks, but I need to urinate."
Frank: "Oh dude, hold on, I gotta leak the lizard."

Mitch: "K, I'll go wait in the car."
by Koolguy_GT500 March 16, 2010
Someone who is exceptionally cool, hence the "K" in place of the "C"
"Wow!, that guy is a total Kool Guy"

by Koolguy_GT500 August 26, 2008
See Peh Peh's

The milks that comes from Peh Peh's. Very nutritious.
Mitch - *In Borat voice* "Eees thees ay Peh Peh milk?"

Frank - "Ha, nice!"
by Koolguy_gt500 June 21, 2010
How people from New York say "Jersey"
Frank - "Hey, asshole! Signal before you merge!"

Guy from New York - "EH! You tawkin ta me? You from fawkin New Jewsey?"
by Koolguy_gt500 March 21, 2010
One who gets schooled (see schooled)

Gets schooled by the "schooler" (see schooler)
Frank - "Hey dude, I totally schooled that nerd from wood shop class!"

Mitch - "Oh snap! That makes you the schooler and him the schoolee!"

Frank - "You said it, bro."

*Slaps five*
by Koolguy_GT500 March 16, 2010

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