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One of the greatest comedians of our time. Dave Chappelle once hosted a show back in 2004 on Comdy Central called, Chappelle's Show. The show featured many skits, lots having to do with black and / or white people, and sometimes celebrities. However, after the 2nd season, the show sadly ended, the world then declined into depression. People thought their lives were ruined, because they would no longer hear the angel-like voice of Dave Chappelle any longer. Then something called, YouTube came along and everyone began posting Dave Chappelle clips, and the world was saved.
Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian, and his voice is incredible.
#comedian #chappelle #r.kelly #comedy central #stand-up #television
by KoolDude8690 October 21, 2012
A fag has lots of ways that makes him into a fag, like a bag holding many different things.
Dude, that guy has an I heart Justin Bieber shirt, dresses his dog like a bunny, and puts pictures of shirtless men on Facebook. He is a total fag bag.
#fag #bag #many #bieber #justin #men #shirtless #bunnies #dude #facebook
by KoolDude8690 April 19, 2012
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