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1 definition by Koo Koo KA CHOO!

A short, midget-esque girl whos main purpose in life is to find and defeat voldemort. She carrys around a wand and a book of spells to defeat her enemies. Paige often cackles at the moon late at night in hopes to attract her one true love: Edward Cullen. Paige eagerly awaits each morning to mousse her hair up and yell at a friend of hers. She is often compared to golem from lord of the rings, and loves to wear pants that are too big so that she has a "pouch" as marsupials do. Paige's diet consists of celery and capers. Everyone has a friend like Paige.
Paige is truly one of a kind!
by Koo Koo KA CHOO! June 13, 2010