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When you dont go to church Sunday and sleep till noon. Then Sunday night you can't fall asleep till 2-3:30 and arrive to school on Monday morning tired and looking like crap.
Boy 1: Woah, you look...tired
Girl 1: I know thats the nice way of saying you look like crap!
Boy 1: What happened?
Girl 1: I have Sunday Syndrome..
Boy 1: What??
Girl 1: I stayed up all of Saturday night at a party, so Sunday I didn't go with my family to church and slept till noon. I fell asleep at 3:00AM this morning and woke up at 5:30AM!
Boy 1: Ouch
Girl 1:Zzz zzz zzz
#sunday disease #oversleep sunday #3 hour stunt #sunday insomnia #monday murder
by KonGluey January 16, 2011
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