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2 definitions by Kon'Iro Mashin

n (plural sevvdogs)

1- A particular breed of mammal that is particularly incredible, often in the ways of the ninja.

2- An awesome breed of mammal that can speak and think independently with many intelligent ideas.

3- This mammal has good luck with the ladies

4- Mammals known as sevvdogs also frequently have good motor skills.
Bystander: Is that a pimp?
Bystander2: No, it's a ninja!
Bystander3: You're all wrong, that's a baller!
Bystander4: Actually you're all right... That's a SEVVDOG!
by Kon'Iro Mashin March 10, 2005
n (plural "La4as")

1- A female that is constantly looking up random definitions on urbandictionary.com and showing them to all her friends (yes, all one of them)

2- A girl that likes to argue constantly about how her basketball team is better than other people's basketball teams, even when she's wrong

3- A girl that has a tendency to sometimes be annoying. Okay, a lot of the time.

4- A girl that has a secret crush on JJ Redick

5- A girl that always manages to make any day seem a lot more fun.. Even when she is annoying / wrong / talking about her basketball team / thinking about JJ Redick / searching everyone's name on this website
La4a: "Look! After days of searching, I finally found La4a on this website!"
Sevvdog: "Uh.. cool.. You do realize I've been on this site longer don't you?"
by Kon'Iro Mashin March 13, 2005