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A skilled engineer with an unseen, unspoken alternative occupation that is as a Ninja. The said person uses his/her engineering skills in infiltration, trapping, and or assassinating. A Ningineer should never be underestimated, for the skills of a ninja coupled with an engineer's intellect are far more deadly than that of a normal ninja.

Commonly misspelled "Ninjaneer."
1. Jake should not have trifled with his ex-girlfriend's sister, for she was a Ningineer.

2. A Ningineer can kill you with a pencil and a T-square in over 3000 totally different but equally painful ways.
by KOMRADE November 29, 2006
The art of simultaneously exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy and the cerebral cortex, while only appearing to be sitting in the corner completely stoned. First used in 1974 during high school art class.

Pronounced: Inter - planetary - oaf - alism
We thought she was just buzzed, but her mind was fully engaged in the prospect of what it might be like to explore The Dark Side of The Moon via interplanetaryoafalism.
by Komrade June 12, 2008

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