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1 definition by Kommi Knoxville

A saxon is a drop-dead gorgeous, 10 out of 10, extremely good-looking female with perfect skin, an even tan (or a perfectly even snow-white no-tan), an immaculate hairstyle, aesthetically pleasing (but not necessarily big) boobs and a sonic boom booty.

A saxon can be seen indulging in narcissistic show pony acts of publicity at fashion shows in Paris, where every designer has her size.

Although a saxon may not necessarily have a nice personality, a saxon surely is a trend setter and is also highly intelligent and talented, thus displaying such skill and wisdom by doing such things as writing an intellectual book, song or article of some kind. A saxon does not live for fame. Fame lives for the Saxon.

"Holy shitting dick nipples! What about all those saxons that were at the Nicki Minaj concert afterparty!? I totally nearly bus'a'nut in my draws yo!"


"Some would say Rihanna is a saxon, I disagree, not even that trollop Lady Gaga comes close... however, the black barbie Nicki Minaj is an absolute pure saxon... So long as she never ever goes under the knife, I want to be on her. She's totally like Lil Kim x10, before all the surgery of course."
by Kommi Knoxville May 05, 2010