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The ninja with boobs
Guy 1: Dude, who is that? It looks like a ninja, but its a girl.
Guy 2: OH SHI-, its KT, the legendary ninja with boobs, run!
by KombatKing May 13, 2007
A place where assholes are created. Derived from the suffix -ria, which, in Spanish, denotes a place of creation for the rest of the word.
Guy: ... so then I urinated on him.
Other guy: Dude, were you born in an assholeria or something?
by KombatKing December 02, 2007
Something the legendary kt said that has some meaning.
KT: But Mrs. Fritz is *gasp* whore!

Someone else: OH SNAP, its a KTism
by KombatKing May 13, 2007

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