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Someone who attends Texas A&M and is very involved and follows all traditions.
Man that lower class man isn't whooping and is standing at the game... what a red ass.
by Kolten August 19, 2007
Someone at Texas A&M who isn't involved. If they even go to games they won't even stand up. They are the opposite of a red ass.
Man Billy won't ever go to our football games... what a two percenter.
by Kolten August 19, 2007
Someone who is just flat out nerdy.

They wear calf high socks pulled all the way up with their shorts;

they wear sandals with socks on;

the kind of people you just look at and wonder how they survive from day to day because they are just so... unique, but in a bad way;

the kind of people look like rednecks, stuck in the 90s, who's dressed by their grandmas, and is just flat out retarded;

the kind of people as Carlos Mencia would say "D D D";

the kind of fat lady who wears sweatpants and crocks, a shirt with Weenie the Pooh on it, and has her gut hanging out while walking around Walmart talking to random people;

somebody with four toes two are attached, who cuts and stitches toe socks to fit their inbred feet, then wears sandals so that everyone can see.
Person 1: Look over there!

Person 2: Wow! Knee high socks and shorts, and a mullet!! What a farkel!
by Kolten September 17, 2008

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