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verb: to teleport across inter-galactic space.

description: The process of yunching involves the inducement of the most fundamental aspect of physical matter to expand to the size of the Universe. This is accomplished by means of a series of sound vibrations, called "chimes," which activate the super-strings of any mass. Once expanded to the size of the Universe, a small physical wiggle is made, and then when the mass is once again induced to "unyunch," or shrink back to normal size, galactic distances have been crossed.

origin: Appears in the books "Frek and the Elixir" and "Suacer Wisdom" by Rudy Rucker.
"She winds up our component strings to make us the size of the galaxy. Then we take a seven-league step to the center, Ulla unyunches us and forsooth! Behold! We're in Orpoly, back to our own right size. Yunch, unyunch, plop."
from - Frek and the Elixir
by Kokonor November 26, 2007

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