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1 definition by Kokomagena

I know people like to be funny, and they usually are, but Wiccans are not just Harry Potter fans, we are also not Jewish, yes many are just goth posers who thing they can take 'revenge on society' for preforming black magic, which isn't Wicca. Some of us actually know about our religion. Like me, I spent six months researching Wicca before I converted because I wanted to know what I was worshiping. We only take offense when people call us evil because we aren't, how would you like it if we were all "You're Catholic, you murderer, you are all murderers, you burned people." You would take offense, because your not ALL evil, Yes some pussy ass morons join Wicca and are all "Ya now I'm gunna kill everyone YAY!" but that's because they are asshats.
OMG, your a Wiccan, then turn me into a cat!
Sorry, we aren't like that, you should research.
Oh, sorry.
by Kokomagena January 11, 2011
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