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Female example: A whorish bitch who MUST have clothes from American Eagle, Abercrombie And Fitch, and such clothes that are made from cheap materials. Buy really ugly purses with dangly objects that are usually hideous eyesores. Buy make up that is really expensive which is a total waste because they could save a lot at Target.

Male example: Mr. I- think- im- so- muscly- hott- everyone- wants-me kind of asshole. Is mostly hated and tries to be cool but ends up acting like a retard. Gets D's to impress his friends but to stay on sports teams. Usually a real dill-hole. Everyone wants him to stop buying from the baby shirt section and actually try some adult shirts that fit.
female: OMG look at me like... omg i think my make up almost cost less than $20! And my shirt i bought last night, the one for $120, it got snagged and ruined and i have to buy another! And my manacure, omg, dont get me started! god im such a prep!

Male: Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh hey guys uhuhuhuhuhuh football practice was so cool huh? Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu i have a D in English. Cool huh? I saw the coolest shirt in the baby aisle but my mom wouldnt get it. Real bummer man. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu
by Koko- Bedee November 21, 2005
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