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idiotic *cough* livewire *cough* user.
Stop copying me, god damn kokolada!
by koko March 05, 2005
slang for masturbation. deriven from the word shlak the sound that comes up when you masturbate.

a) eize shlak eveti! haval al azman!
b) ma kara? shlakim?
a) eize shlak eveti! haval al azman!
b) ma kara? shlakim?
by koko October 31, 2004
The careless response used to indicate complete carelessness and disregard to whatever asked to you.
Whitey 1: So cracka, hows the biznitch treatin ya?
Whitey 2: Meh...bitch wont suck my dick.
by Koko May 09, 2003
The small island country located 30 miles southwest of the Phillipines. President Koko and Luley. The capital is Kreplachistan City and there are NO asians located on this island. The most polulated of the Cities is Nutsac Village.

**For Reservations Call: 1-888-Kreplach
Dag yo! Im stoked for spring break. Me n my crew r hittin up the beaches of Kreplachistan!!
by Koko May 09, 2003
The act of unsuccessfully performing a desired task.
"I can't believe you dropped that, stop buckling."
by Koko November 12, 2003
ko'-ko' (n) One crazy mofo.
Hes a kokonut eh?
by Koko February 10, 2003
"it's just.. a feeling I got, like something is about to happen but I don't know what."

i have time, all the time i need.. to destroy the monster!
by koko November 01, 2004
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