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1. v. To orgasm
2. v. To masturbate
3. v. To eject semen, whether on one's own or with assistance

Note: The term is not necessarily aimed for men, women can "achieve" as well, and I'm sure we all want to see that. You just replace any synonym of orgasm with the word "achieve" in all of it's tenses to use in normal conversation.
1. My roommate was out so I had plenty of time to achieve.
2. I was bored so I spent the day achieving.
3. I achieved inside a girl last night, then she fell asleep so I achieved some more on my own.
by Koizumi Itsuki March 22, 2011
1. n. The act of being shut down in a philosophical argument
2. v. To be shut down in a philosophical argument
1. Don't even argue he just philoso-facialed all over your face.
2. Argument void; you've been philoso-facialed
by Koizumi Itsuki April 11, 2011

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