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2 definitions by KofiBeans

- A slang and/or an informal way to use the word 'love'
- used by people who are shy to use the 4-letter word
- or just for the fun of spelling words incorrectly
- used in chatrooms/IMs/blogs
In an IM
- Boy: Girl, I lubb you but I just don't know to show it...
- Girl: Aww... It's okay.. But the least you could do was spell it correctly.
by KofiBeans September 22, 2006
- A coffee-addict.
- Addicted to coffee and/or caffeine.
- Can't get enough of coffee.
- Can also be written as coff-a-holic / caffeholic.
Dil's a coffeeholic. Big time.
by KofiBeans September 19, 2006