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(Not to be confused with plain vanilla, though also derived from flavours of ice cream.) Sex between so-called "black" and "white" people. May also be used for a threesome or group sex where at least one of those participating has sex with "black" and "white" alike.
A: I hear Tracy got bored with the same old plain vanilla with Chris.
B: Yeah, chocolate and vanilla is much more her thing, when she can get it.
C: (listening in, confused) Yeah? That's funny .... I didn't think Tracy even LIKED ice cream!
by kofi June 30, 2003
1. man who "thinks with his dick". Someone so obsessed with (getting) sex that he is a gullible idiot, or:
2. man who seems to have a stubborn, blunt and essentially mindless organ where a brain should be: an insensitive asshole, or a clumsy Frankenstein.
Any good time girl loves a dickhead for a fling. GTG (to DH): "Oh, you needn't buy that for ME!!! Thanks."
by kofi May 14, 2003
A threesome as a one-off (so to speak). A three-in-a-bed is a sexual encounter between three people, usually (at least for two of those involved) for the first and last time.
A phrase beloved of the British tabloid press is "three-in-a-bed romp", which stresses bother the impermanence and the (just-for-)fun nature of the experience, thus engaging the sexual interest and desire, the envy and thus the moralising indignation of the newspaper's readers all at once!
by kofi June 30, 2003
scientific name for cum, jizz, jism, man milk, cream, etc. Actually the thin fluid that transports the millions of tiny, tadpole-like daddies sperm from the testicles and out of the cock when the male is suitably excited - but fluid and content are, unsurprisingly, often confused!
Tracy's ears would always prick up when she heard the word "semen", and her eyes gleamed whenever a man was as good as his word, and she had another chance to gulp down her favourite fast food.
by kofi May 12, 2003
Saying what's up to yuor friends or It can mean somebody or something is cool
What's happening in the hizz house my brother for sho

That's awesome in the hizz house
by Kofi July 26, 2004
Formal (pompous or discreet) Greek word for a threesome. Minimalist group sex.
Before the examination, I admitted to my doctor I'd had another threesome a couple of weeks back. "Ah, another case of troilism", he smiled. "No, doc, I wasn't experimenting - I've done it before...."
by kofi June 30, 2003
Not to be confused with "Dockers", but following the same pseudo-tough image!
see DMs
Alice: That gal Traicy's not fit ta kiss mah Docs!
Sarah: Look, Alice, they're ENGLISH, right? Just like you. And stop slagging Tracy off. Girl can't help the way she is!
Alice: She gunna feel the steel toecap o mah noo Docs up ho' slutty ayuss, if she don't keep ho' paws offa mah Aidan!
Sarah: (d'Ohhhhhhh ....)
by kofi May 15, 2003

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