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A fan (human) who devoted himself to a particulair brand/series, and hardly questions whether it was the best choice. It usually points at a fanboy favoring a certain gaming comsole like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox360 over the opposing brand, yet also reffers to otaku-like people who favor a certain anime series like Dragonball Z and
Yu-gi-oh, or Comic book brands like Archie and Marvel. Many other kinds of fanboyism excist, but these are the most common ones.

Fanboys have the reputation to hardly have a social life, run low on friends outside Massive Multiplayer, to take their fanboyism quite seriously, and to be the cause of flame wars on internet forums. Although this is quite stereotyphical, it's not entirly incorrect. Fanboys take it as a personal offense when someone (usually an opposing fanboy) ditches the other's favourite brand/comic/console/etc.. Whether he reacts or not is for the fanboy to decide.

Despite their reputation, fanboys are proud to be one, and it will take quite some dissapointment from the brand/system/anime/etc. to get the fanboyism out of his head. Not there is need to, since they prefer not to bother anyone, so they won't be bothered while feeding their obsession.
'You don't like Zelda? I take it you are a Halo fanboy?'
'Indeed, and at least Halo doesn't use the same story/characters time after time again. Face it, Nintendo is dying!'
'It's not, and Halo is just mindless shooting! At least Nintendo is trying something new, but Microsofties like you can't appreciate taste!'
'You mean waggling some TV-remote is cool? Must be hard to be you'
by Koen April 03, 2007

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