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Fake; Mean; Selfish; Someone who puts on an act to seem cool and get accepted or gain more "scene" friends; Someone who will use others to seem more "scene" or cool; They think "being scene" makes them cool and seem like a badass; Follows "scene" trends, like little kid hair bows ect; Goes to shows to strut there "scene-ness", not the music; Is on myspace every chance they get; Extremly immature; Acts like a small child to seem cute; Enjoys starting problems with people; Use to be preps, and wiggers before they decided to become "scene". Uses terms like "stfu", "rad", "rofl", "shi" & many more.
-These "scene" girls started problems with me today.
-You look so "scene" with your little sisters bow in your hair.
by Koehler January 11, 2006

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