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Literally meaning "Giant Turtle Wave", the Kamehameha is a powerful attack that takes milliseconds to charge up and hours to yell the name of.
Kaaaa- meeeeeee- haaaaaaa- meeeee- haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kodina November 16, 2003
see Krillin
Krillin: So this will get Goku back to health in no time? Mondo cool!

Vegeta (thinking): Yes, Mondo Cool.
by Kodina December 13, 2003
The bishounen, pale green pink leg-warmer wearing right-hand man of Frieza. Transforms into a slightly less bish large, fat toad.

He is killed by Vegeta.
And then Vegeta killed Zarbon. *bows head* We mourn the loss of the bishest guy ever. *lights a candle*
by Kodina November 22, 2003

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