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4 definitions by Koalaman

What cats do when they have their ass in front of you with their tail up - flashing you with their asshole.
I love my cat Felix, but he's always flashing hole at me. It's fuckin' nasty!

ass cat asshole flashing flash pets nasty
by KoalaMan December 13, 2008
What you get from pets when they lick their assholes and then lick you.
Guy #1: "Man, your cat is really affectionate!"
Guy #2: "I hate to say this, man, but Felix just gave you second-hand asshole!"
Guy #1: *kicks cat across the room*
by KoalaMan March 10, 2009
Someone who creates drama out of absolutely nothing.
We were just having a nice conversation and then he comes in and starts shit about you not taking your shoes off when you come into the house. He's a fucking drama-gician!
by KoalaMan July 05, 2010
A list of things to do that you don't want that someone gives you, like syphilis.
Uggghh...my dad gave me a syphilist of things to do around the house. I hate watering the plants!
by Koalaman September 08, 2010