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Anthony is a great person, he's funny and loud. Some people find Anthony's obnoxious so they should be ashamed. He never knows what he wants and sucks for that. For some reason if you fall in love with an Anthony it's impossible to let him go. There usually very tall and have a kilowatt smile! If an Anthony falls in love with you consider yourself lucky but guard yourself .Anthonys tend to hide secrets and lies, but after a while they'll admit. Overall with all the downsides of an Anthony you'll find yourself completely in love with him. There prescience make you want to go up and hug them. If an Anthony hugs you tightly you'll feel like your in the happiest place in the world. Always take good care of an Anthony and your rewards will be endless. Always love your Anthony. Anthony's like to make out.......a lot! And are big jocks ps If you lose your Anthony you've lost everything ...
Friend:Hey is Anthony, your ex, dating her?
You: Yeah, she's very lucky....
Friend: why'd you let him go?
You: I didn't but he deserves the best he's amazing

Friend:You'll find someonelse, someone perfect.
You: Then I'll never find anyonelse because he's the only perfect one for me.
by Koalakiller22 August 04, 2012

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