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By far the best hunting season there is!! it runs from January 1st THROUGH December 31st ...... this season is ONLY takes place in the following places:

North America
South America
All Waters Between These Places

The only item that is allowed to be used to catched the midgets is a net.
My friends and I saw a midget, wearing purple, riding a bike past papa gino's..... unfortunately, no one had a net handy ::tear::
by Koala Beer November 06, 2004
A character in the awesome Insane Clown Posse film who attempts to rob "Donut Hut." This part was supposed to be played by Jamie Madrox (James Spaniolo), but was substituted by Violent J(Joseph Bruce).
Ape Boy's famous line:

"I'm in a ape suit! that means I dont give a FUCK!!!!"
by Koala Beer October 31, 2004
the result of you having to poo reelie bad, so that the poop is actually coming out of the rectal area before you've reached a proper waste facility aka a restroom aka THE CRAPPER!
"shiittt mannnn, you gunna pull over at this next rest stop... i gutta poo soo bad!! seriously dude, i'm turtle headin' this shit!!"
by Koala Beer June 30, 2005
The most kick ass baseball team in the hisory of the universe!! The 2004 team managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit against the yankees during the play offs, and swept the cards in the actual series..... first time they won in E-I-G-H-T-Y S-I-X YEARS!!!!!
2004 Red Sox Spanked the Yanks, and Folded the Cards!
by Koala Beer October 30, 2004
A penis is... MY wang!
mmm tasteyyyy stuff man, tastey stuff!!
by Koala Beer January 20, 2005
One who sucks major penis. Most bitch boys are mainstream faggots!
Mainstream Fag: All hail Eminem!!
Me: What the fuck? Why you tellin us to hail that bitch? Faggot, Feminem, Queen of the mainstream deserves death!!!
by Koala Beer November 25, 2004
okay, where i come from, we don't use the regualar jelly bracelets that everyone else seems to use, we use those for fashion, what we DO use as sex bracelets, or as some people call them "fuck bracelets" "fuck me bracelets" "bang bracelets" or fo ppl in middle school theyre usually "make out bracelets".... what we use are those blue rings from the caps of coke, sprite, and other various sodas..... you rip out the inner part, and use the outer ring as a bracelet, then wait for someone to break it off, then u fuck, or if youre a youngin, you make out!!
person 1: ::snaps person two's bracelet::
person 2: lets go take a walk to be alone *wink wink*
by Koala Beer October 16, 2004

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