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A person (usually a girl) who falls under these categories...

1) dey tendd 2 typpp lyk dis,,, thinkinn it looks soooooo kewl !?!?!

2)They have an abnormal amount of friends on myspace, most of them they do not know.

3)Their playlist consists of Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and Eminem.

4) Their info is something like "gimme a cake on january 1st, i slam a locker at ohio state, txt it up if u wanna chill bebe, 111-222-3344

5) And they have lots of pictures of them wearing their abercrombie t's and their straightened highlighted hair, looks rediculous
Me: Hey, thanks for adding me on MySpace, but do I know you?

MySkank: umm,, wel idkkk, i think dat wee madd out @ a partyyy wuncee,,... but immnotshurrr, haahhahaa !

Me: Oh well thanks anyway, I noticed that you have a large amount of friends.

MySkank: yaaa, yurrr mii 48093 freend hhaa.

Me: Wow, so what are you into?

MySkank: wellll,... mi lyff is lyk all boutt musikk, i lyk lil waynee, lady gaga, eminemmm, yaaaa,,,

Me: Oh, you're into rap...

MySkank: yeaaa it ses dat in maah infooo,,

Me: I couldn't read your info, you should really work on your typing.

MySkank: ughhh ii donttt need smartzzz, imm soooo gooodd lookign,, evenn looke at mii piczz, im gorgusss !!!

Me: Uhh, yeah, well bye.

MySkank: kk byeeeee !!!!
by KoRnMAGGOT January 01, 2010
When you are texting somebody and you don't know what to say so you take a quick 5 minute break to walk around and think.
Emma: wanna get married???

*5 minutes later after taking a time out text*

Chris: sure how about tomarrow?
by KoRnMAGGOT January 31, 2010
The Devil Wears Prada clean vocalist. Sounds AMAZING on CD, sounds like crap live, but still respectable since he plays guitar and sings at the same time.
What should we ask for?
Who should we look to if all we know is burning bridges?
Dont speak to me like im a stranger
Turn your thoughts to the roots,
As we've all been caught up in the branches.

-Jeremy DePoyster
by KoRnMAGGOT January 13, 2010
a smelly poop
Britney Spears: hey justin, where were you?

Justin Timberlake: oh i just got back from dropping a smoop.
by KoRnMAGGOT December 31, 2009

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