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3 definitions by KnowsNiggas

Usually refers to people who are pussies. Can also refer to people who are actually faggots. Usually used by black people to other black people, but can be said by anyone.
You see those faggot ass niggas run like bitches?
by KnowsNiggas February 14, 2005
251 91
Definition for white people: Good weed laced with coke.

Definition for black people: Really good weed.
White boy:
Shoot, I just smoked a crap load of chronic, and I'm really feeling the effects of the cocain.

Black dude:
Damn, I just smoked a shit load of chronic. That is some really good fuckin weed.
by Knowsniggas March 13, 2005
20 34
A common nickname for either a really tall or a short black man.
Yo shorty, get yo' ass over here nigga.
by KnowsNiggas February 14, 2005
20 86