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Combines both gigantic and enormous into a single word. The word is pronounced ji-gi-ga-norm-is and is used to describe anything that is extraordinarily large or to signify the quantity of something.
The booty on that hottie is jigiganormis! or What a jigiganormis collection of worthless junk.
by Known1 October 24, 2010
Used by people that are not able to distinguish a difference between a modern Republican or Democrat based on governance, political approach, policy making, and results at the national/federal level. In essence the United States Democratic and Republican political parties are seen by many citizens as one jigiganormis political party - The Redemlicratan party.
I hope you agree that we are past due in ousting the Redemlicratan party from power! or Can you believe the national debt that these Redemlicratans have created over the years? or Ho hum, it looks like par for the course from the Redemlicratan party once again.
by Known1 January 11, 2014
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