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EST was the MC in the '90's Hip Hop group "Three Times Dope".
The group gained stardom with the release of classics like: The Greatest Man Alive, Funky Dividends, Mellow But Smooth, etc.
Guy: Man, Three Times Dope was one of the most underrated groups ever!

Hip Hop Historian: Yeah, that EST had some unique flow, yo!
by Knowlege Doctor May 21, 2008
A hard substance (harder than dolemite) that white slavemasters and overseers used to make slaves toil over for endless hours at a time.
Slave 1: Cum own Kunta, let's go own down by 'da river 'n rest a spell.

Slave 2: I kain't. I'zz to busy bustin' up dis Shiffaroe!
by Knowlege Doctor May 18, 2008

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