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Person who takes part in the sexual act of teabagging in a group of 3 or more.
Jimmy needs money to finish his MBA so he took a job at the local bondage club as a teapartier, he figures it will help make political connections, as well.
by Knot O'Really May 04, 2010
The Republican cries to give a happy ending to Obamacare led by Speaker John Boehner, and the attempts to glennbeck it and replace it with a more corporate-friendly, full-service approach to health care reform.
Ever since the teahadists took over the House, they have been trying to ram their Boehnercare down our throats.
by Knot O'Really January 06, 2011
All major media companies except for FOX.

Sarah Palin needed a new attack word against the mainstream MSM media when she got hired by one of the world's largest mainstream media companies.
In recent news, some people say Glenn Beck is reported to be the most honest man in broadcasting, and you won't hear that reported by the lamestream media. This is Sarah Palin, reporting for FOX News.
by Knot O'Really February 11, 2010
Since the passage of health care reform some members of Tea Party groups have taken to attacks, vandalism, incendiary slurs, threats of violence, brandishing of weapons and calls for revolution and death to elected officials and members of the public that support the bill.

Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and other teabaggers have started using gun and killing metaphors and claim that the potential victims are bringing the attacks on themselves.

This branch of the teabagger groups are known as teahadists.
The teahadists are really going off the deep end, there was one on FOX News saying Nancy Pelosi may get assassinated then he threatened a 'thousand little Waco's' because he was upset that sick children now have health insurance.
by Knot O'Really March 26, 2010

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