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Big Four Of Melodeath :

In Flames = Metallica
At the Gates = Slayer
Dark Tranquillity = Megadeth
Soilwork = Anthrax

People only like In Flames' early albums
Lots of people like DT the most out of the 4
AtG have one really popular album that influenced a ****load of bands
And none really cares about Soilwork

Bob: In flames is awesome
Tim: Yeah so is the other Big Four Of Melodeath At the Gates, Dark Tranquility, and Soilwork
Bob and Tim: \m/
by knixx October 07, 2007
Much like the big four of thrash, the big four of melodic death closely mirror them.

In Flames is like Metallica, started out with lots of hits but changed their style and got rejected by their fans.

Dark Tranquility is like Megadeth, Remains consistent in their style except for one album the had a very different style.

At the Gates is like Slayer, usually on one album is ever talked about. (Reign in Blood/Slaughter of the Soul)

Soilwork is like Anthrax, nobody really ever cared about them even though they were pretty great.
Random People on the Big Four of Melodic Death:

Billy: I really like Colony and The Jester Race but Soundtrack to Your Escape was pretty nu-metal and bad to me.

Jimmy: Projector was a bit "different" but was still alright but the rest of the others albums are great.
Bob (to Jimmy): Projector sucked man their other stuff was way better.

Tommy: Yeah At the Gates is pretty great.
Joel (to Tommy): Didn't they make Slaughter of the Soul?
Joel: Any other albums?
Tommy: I don't know.

Robert (playing his Chainheart Machine CD at a party): Cause I'll rise (crickets) Robert (monotone voice): ...You'll fall
Roll the dice! My call

by Knixx December 31, 2007

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