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The most amazing girl in the world. She really is everything a guy could ask for. She's perfect. Straight up perfect.

She's beautiful, even though she'll deny it to no end.

She may think she's stupid, but she's one of the brightest people I know.

She has the voice of an angel.

She's the most generous and selfless person you could ever come across. She'd do anything for anyone.

She spreads love around like peanut butter.

Her smile is contagious; she walks into a room and it's immediately the place to be.
She smells good too...and her hair, oh God her hair.
She knows I love her, but I don't think she realizes how much I love her.
If I could, I would give her the world; I try, but it's to no avail.
So anyway. This has gone from description of what a "Raya" is to a sappy pathetic something or other written by a poor old hopless romantic. HA

Have a nice day!
Guy 1: Did you see that girl eating rainbows and pooping sunshine?

Guy 2: Yeah, must've been a Raya.

Guy 1: What a babe!!!
by Knis Copper November 30, 2010

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