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A term used to describe something disgusting, unhealthy, boring, slow, or unnecessary. Something generally undesirable.
"My old car was just a bag of sweaty dicks"
"This party smells like a bag of sweaty dicks"
by Kneegrodamus July 08, 2013
Verb: when you pee on the side of the toilet bowl right above the water so the water inthe bowl swirls around either clockwise or counter clockwise even without flushing.
I walked into the bathroom and started stirring the punch bowl so I could still hear what my friend was saying in the other room without that loud sound of urine hitting the water.
by Kneegrodamus November 16, 2013
The ejaculation of semen into a black woman's rectum, and sucking it out. Resulting in a nice white oatmeal surrounded by brown sugar.
"Gerald went home and decided to give his wife the Ol' brown sugar oatmeal. He came over in the morning with a napkin wiping his jowels."
by Kneegrodamus October 22, 2013
Noun: See crunchy and salty in regards to the second definition.
Definition one- A delicious snack consisting of thinly sliced potatos, oil, and salt, cooked to a crisp, and enjoyed by fat Americans everywhere.
Definition two- A person who is both salty and crunchy. They have a feeling of discontent or otherwise, and feel as though they have done too much cocaine.
"Dude John is such a potato chip. I can't even handle him right now"
by Kneegrodamus October 16, 2013
Adjective: An alternative definition to the general understanding of the term. Anyone who has done an excess amount of cocaine resulting in their feeling like an old crunchy paper bag. Usually at a music festival. For elaboration see "potato chip"
"Hey man want to go check out the next band?"
"I don't know dude I'm feeling kind of....crunchy. I think I did too much blow."
by Kneegrodamus October 16, 2013
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