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A fakeass moron who steals catch phrases from actual famous rappers in hopes of being famous himself. He apparently believes yelling "What’s Hannenin" (which is a catch phrase from Dem Franchise Boyz) about 30 times is a good song, but in reality is just a sad excuse for his inability to create REAL rhymes.
person 1:I want me some Soulja Boy

Person 2:Then i guess u want a bag of shit too?

Soulja Boy:What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin What’s Hannenin

Dem Framcjose Boyz:Get your own damn thing bitch
by Knee-Grow10 May 24, 2007
The more Getto verions of "Ghetto" for those who are too poor to afford the silent "H"
White person: My 2 year old computer is Ghetto

Black person: My stolen bike is Getto
by Knee-Grow10 January 14, 2010
Laughing My Fucking Black Ass Off. Same as lmfao but with a little more colour
person one:So then I said YOU DO IT!

(Black)Person two:LMFBAO
by Knee-Grow10 August 15, 2007
When nine or more retards combine to make an ultra retard who has the ability to do some basic math and crush small city blocks
Person one: whats makeing those crashing sounds?

Person two:hmm sounds like the megaretardazoid is comeing... better head for the hills.
by Knee-Grow10 April 17, 2007
What you call the stereotypical MTV watching idiots who will believe anything that T.V. tells them.
Taking over the world will be a lot easier if we can use T.V. to control all the Paint Drinkers, thank god they make up such a large percent of the population.
by Knee-Grow10 October 07, 2007
The large flakes of ear wax that collect in an unclean ear.
I don't use ear buds in case the person I share with has ear buggles.
by Knee-Grow10 September 17, 2007
A person who is racist towards tall people.
John is a gigantist, he hates every customer of mr. big and tall.
by Knee-Grow10 November 21, 2010

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