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A variation of the form of greeting "pound it". It was first created and used actively in 2009 from a private school in Vancouver, British Columbia. This way of greeting involves both parties making a claw gesture with their hand and "pounding it". This fad is quickly becoming the newest fist bump on the Western Coast of Canada.
"Yo! Brosef, whats up? Claw it knaw mean?"
by Knawmean April 14, 2009
1. A disease first observed and recorded during the first world war when soldiers who were dug deep in the trenches contracted it. Its symptoms consists of: bleeding of the anus, Teh Downs, and in later stages, the anus falling off.

2. The worst map in CoD: MW2.
1. "Sahgent, ah fucked up sah...its mah butthole, it fell off"

2. Chris: "Wow, this trench butthole is making me rage"

Michel: "lol ur bad"
by Knawmean December 18, 2009
The worst possible thing that could befall a face.
man 1: I think I'm going to laugh in that rapper's face.

man 2:I wouldn't, unless you enjoy getting Hiroshima on your face.
by Knawmean June 21, 2010
A common British Columbian term for tits.
1. "Hey Chingy, lookat dat gurl right durr!"
"Dam she got sum spankin japanese babies."
by Knawmean March 20, 2010

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