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adjective. Used to describe something that is either good, bad, strange, or boring, depending on context. (sometimes spoek in 1337/l33t)

noun. basic replacement for "ass" (see definitions)
"That is teh eyelips!"

"j00 M0mZ0Rz 15 50 teh 3y3L1pZ!"

"I pwned his eyelips!" (ass)
by Knate July 28, 2003
Supposably a russian word for "hoba". But its better then saying the word shit, and much more fun to say.

Also~Band named after the fun word "The Shinitzkas" with some cool kids like....Spicy Em, T-Roy, Lunchbox (joe the homo), and Knate (the great).
I heard that one of the people from "The Shinitzkas" actually had to take a Shinitzka!
by Knate January 06, 2005

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