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Acronym for popular Online Role Playing Game "World of Warcraft"

This game is known for its highly complex and addictive gameplay. The game is played widely by nerds to make up for their lack of real life freinds. The game is also taken up by hobby gamers, and it usually ends up wasting multiple years, eventually destroying their friendships and forcing them to quit their jobs or schools and ultimately ruining a big part of their lives.
"I MUST play WoW immediately!"

"I apologize for my irritability, but i am suffering from WoW withdrawal."

"This friday night i plan on playing WoW."
by Klynch September 07, 2007
Someone who is either new or terrible at a videogame.

Noob is a variation on the word "newb" which is short for "newbie" which means "new at something"

The word "noob," however may refer to a player who has been playing a game for a very long time and is just especially unskilled at the game, or is extremely ignorant of the game's rules, lingo, customs, etc. In certain roleplaying games, a high level noob may sometimes be called a "froob" for reasons unknown to most. But usually only noobs call noobs froobs.

See Also: Newb, Froob, Newbie, and Lowbie
"That noob doesn't know where Stormwind City is."

"You only got 10 kills? NOOB!"

"I am sick of noobs trying to sell me useless crap."
by Klynch September 07, 2007

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