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While it may one day be possible in the future, sex change is but a myth in this day and age. Even though it is legally recognized, so-called "sex change surgery" is in reality nothing more than genital mutilation and body modification followed by hormone treatments.

It goes by many fanciful, inventive, politically correct names: sex reassignment surgery, sex reassignment therapy, gender reassignment, genital reconstruction surgery, or sex affirmation surgery.

But the pure and simple fact is that people conceived with XX chromosomes are female, and people conceived with XY chromosomes are male. There is currently no known medical procedure to change this in any way. Changing sex will be possible when and if such technology is developed, but until such time it remains a myth.
Normal Man: Sorry, but you were born a man, and I'm strictly heterosexual, therefore I want nothing to do with you.

Disfigured Man: But I had sex change surgery! I'm legally a woman now!

Normal Man: No, you're just a feminine-looking man with XY chromosomes and mutilated genitals. Not interested.
by klopek007 March 24, 2010
A freakin' hot-ass girl that I'm in love with.

I've heard rumors that she might have a career in music, but I have no idea. I've honestly never heard any songs by her, but I could look at her photoshoots all day long.
I'm thinking of sending a marriage proposal to Taylor Swift.
by klopek007 March 24, 2010

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