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1. a chain reaction similar to the falling of a row of dominoes, with each action (or fall) causing the next action (or fall).

2. a theory embraced by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1970s stating that allowing South Vietnam to fall to Communism would result in all of southeast Asia including even The Phillipines becoming Communist controlled. In this case, just two dominoes fell, Laos and Cambodia.
1. According to the domino theory, if I suddenly stop while driving in rush hour, the car behind me will slam into me, then the car behind it will slam into it, then ...

2. According to the domino theory, preventing South Vietnam from being over-run by North Vietman would have prevented the Khmer Rouge from taking Cambodia, which would have prevented the movie Killing Fields.
by Klondike708 February 08, 2009
Noun - An opening caused by wear (or on purpose when one's jeans are too tight in the thigh area) which allows the pocket and its contents to flop out through the opening. Technically, it's a hernia of the jeans, not the pocket.
Boy1 to Boy2: With that many keys in your pocket, it's no wonder that your jeans have a pocket hernia.
by Klondike708 April 01, 2012

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